Data Collection

Data Collection

Download the Class Survey from Doc Sharing and answer the questions. You are not to submit your answers, nor is the survey graded. This experience is to provide you with insight into being a human subject. What was your impression of this data collection tool and the type of questions it asked?


Please download and complete the class survey; then share your impressions of two things: (1) the survey itself and (2) the type of questions you answered. You are NOT to submit your answers, so please don’t worry about the fact that trying to do so unchecks some of your selections! The survey answers go “nowhere,” so you are fulfilling the intent of the TD by simply answering them as you would were this a true research study that used a survey as the data collection tool/instrument.

The purpose of this survey is to help you experience “being a subject.” Your impressions are important for purposes of interacting with one another throughout the week.

There is no research proposal/question tied to this survey. Therefore, completing it doesn’t tie the results to anything. Moreover, a research proposal would address informed consent with a statement to the effect that “Completing the survey will serve as informed consent.” There would also be a statement that completing the survey or declining to complete the survey would not affect the care you receive.

This survey also asks for data that are of various levels: nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio. Next week we will analyze the results in the MOCK results that you will download.

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