incitations and references a must!! 


Annalise notifies you that what you will now be preparing is your Key Assignment final draft. She states that you need to add some additional researched information to this document as requested by the senior leaders. This additional information must be detailed and approximately 4–6 pages long. This will be added to your previous document and would make your Key Assignment final draft, titled Comprehensive Performance Management Document, approximately 20–25 pages in length. You definitely realize the significance of this assignment.

You also acknowledge the fact that the Key Assignment final draft must flow in a logical and coherent structure with a strong introduction and conclusion.

You initiate research on the additional requested information that must include the following:

  • Ethical and legal dilemmas associated with “potential bias” within performance appraisal systems
  • Court case studies (e.g., Albemarle Paper Co. v. Moody)
  • Absence of adverse impact
  • Why formal evaluation criteria will ensure a reduction in rater bias and increase legal compliance

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