final project

final project

Final will be based on your group project, “Tourism Destination Marketing”.  It is an individual project that you need to work on one additional section into the report. The topic of section will be announced soon.


Requirement for FINAL of 20-point extra credit  (This is optional):


The 20-point extra credit final is based on your Tourism Destination Marketing that you have worked with your team members. If you decide to participate in this final project, you will be writing one section for online digital direct marketing as an individual project. If you already have the separate section of online direct marketing in the group project, you can expand the scopes and applications of online direct marketing. Or, you can discuss with me for different options.   


The whole system of Information Technologies (IT) is being rapidly diffused throughout the tourism and hospitality industry and IT has become fundamental to the ability of the industry to operate and market effectively and competitively. Given this, there are new opportunities, including online direct marketing connecting directly with carefully targeted individual tourists and consumers via the Internet, websites, SNS, and so on to obtain an immediate response and cultivate long-lasting relationships. Therefore, the Final requires you to work on the additional section focusing on the online direct marketing strategies for the City of your Choice and your project. This section should be effectively added into the group project. 


Your grade for the extra credit will be determined on the basis of the critical thinking/idea that you demonstrate in relation to the relevance and importance of online direct marketing strategies for the City of your Choice and your project along with the clear definition of online direct digital marketing.


If you decide to participate in the Final, the due date is 3:15 PM, December 19thth, 2014. No late submission will be accepted due to the deadline of the Final grading.


The online direct marketing strategies MUST follow the guideline below:

  • Make sure to read the PPT note and textbook in the chapter 16 and 17 and adopt some important concepts relevant to your marketing plan.
  • Use a minimum of 2-3 references (books, articles, internet sources) for background research and cite them with APA style.
  • This is an individual project, not a group project.
  • You need to add this section into your group project. This means you do not submit this section only and your section should be accordingly rearranged with the group project. If needed, please change the content and others.
  • You can submit this via Canvas.

Ÿ  Reference is required. Taking the words of others or presenting the ideas of

others as your own not only prohibits you from learning the skills of academic research, it also violates the University’s Code of Academic Integrity. Don’t copy and paste the sentences from the Internet. If any copied sentences are found without proper citation, no point will be provided. If you need, use Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism software from the Canvas.

  • This section should not exceed page length requirements of 3 pages.
  • The section should be free of grammatical error and spelling errors.
  • If the format (page length and grammatical/spelling errors) is not used, 1 point for each error will be deducted from the score.

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