I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment for each paragraph
Paragraph 1
Today’s family reaches beyond the traditional definition and encompasses societal units of single-parent families; lesbian , bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, and questioning (LBGTQ+) families’ children raised by grandparents or other relatives; multigenerational units; and people who are together out of friendship and love, not bloodlines”. It is important to understand the family dynamics of the patient, their roles and relationships so nurses can better understand family structure and their involvement. Involving families in care and education can enhance patient compliance. Family members can affect health of an individual based on their social characteristics, culture, the influences from their neighborhood, community and society (Sharma, 2013). Health seeking behaviors and preferences may also be influences by family structure and the changing dynamics of family composition can impact lifestyles and heath related risk factors (Sharma, 2013). Nurses have a powerful position to create a therapeutic relationship with patients and families and involving those who influence the health and wellbeing of an individual in efficient, quality health care (Ponte, et al., 2007). Nurses who are confident in their ability to acknowledge family structure and what patients and families need, can successfully implement actions to encourage high quality care. “The family influences on each other can be engaged to assist patients and family members make choices and changes for better health”
Paragraph 2
The definition of “family” has evolved over generations and expanded from the traditional male and female married couple and their children living under one roof to that of the modern way in which people are interacting with each other and carrying out relationships. Coinciding with the way people are relating to one and other today, the definition a family has broaden to “societal units of single-parent families; lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans gender, queer, and questioning (LBGTQ+) families; children raised by grandparents or other relatives; multi generational units; and people who are together out of friendship and love, not bloodlines. The form and function of the family dynamics directly influence the overall health of an individual. This is why understanding the different family structures and not assuming the “non-traditional” structure will enable the nurse to make accurate assessments on the health care needs of the individual as well as identifying gaps to meeting those needs and formulating a plan while honoring their preferences, beliefs and values. Understanding the family structure will give the nurse insight to the plan for aftercare and how well the goals will be met in the home setting. The family systems theory takes a look at the family as a whole system rather than individual members to study the family processes and problems. However, each family member has their own individual role, feelings, behaviors and goals that influence the rest of the family. Considering the family system will help nurses understand the interaction of the family because any “modification by an individual within the system can change the family’s finances, health, housing, communication, and dreams. Once a change is made within the member of the family then the dynamics in the whole system start to shift, which can result in either positive outcomes for everyone or create stressors and tensions for the other members to adapt to. Involving the whole family in the assessment and planning of care will create an environment of support and encouragement, promote education and increase the probability of healthier, positive behaviors. 
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