2.1  What limitations do you think pose the biggest threat to the success of this tool?  Are there limitations not listed in the reading that you can think of?  How might a company overcome these limitation when using this tool? 


2.2 What are the advantages or disadvantages to including trends in a SWOT analysis?  Would you include trends if you were performing this analysis? 


2.3  As stated, a SWOTT analysis helps a business focus for strategic planning and decision making.  Thus, this analysis is centered on the company and it’s environment to determine where it should focus it’s efforts.  In addition to this there are other tools that provide different types of information that could help a company when establishing a strategic plan.  

For example another tool that could help is a risk analysis. This requires comparison of the results to determine if the company’s favorable aspects can overcome the negative influences.  From there it becomes a matter of making choices as to what risks the company is willing to take in order to grow the business and move forward.

What other tools can you think of that could assist in building a strong strategic plan? 


2.4  The thing is that there is one more environment that unfortunately many forget that can also have a big impact on a company.  This is the idea of the remote environment.  Looking at not just further distance such as other countries, but also looking at other industries and services and how they might impact operations.  

Please give me a good example of a remote environment and how it might effect a company?

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