4 Page Essay

Write a 4 page essay agreeing or disagreeing with the following statement: “In order to use gender to understand past or present immigration, the gender roles of both sexes, male and female, and their relationship to each other must be studied.” Your essay must: • Take a clear position of agreement or disagreement. • Support that position with evidence. • Defend that position from counterarguments. To write a good essay, you will need to: • Read materials accurately. • Realize that the readings have authors who have personal points of view and biases. • Recognize historical and sociological theses (propositions advanced for discussion or proof). • Use written sources as evidence. • State and defend your own thesis. • Defend your thesis against counterarguments. To write a good essay, you will also need to: • Make sure it is grammatically correct. • Make sure all words are spelled correctly. • Make sure it is effectively organized (Thesis, Argument, Evidence, Defense, Conclusion). • Use APA citation system to properly credit written evidence or others’ ideas. • Make sure that the text portion of your essay is a minimum of 4 full pages in length (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font).

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