6051 Wk 6 Discuss REPLY (2)

Write a 2 Paragraph response (with 2-3 sources) to this post offering additional/alternative ideas regarding opportunities and risks related to the observations shared.
Healthcare system presently is faced with challenges to improving quality of care and controlling costs and according to the Institute of Medicine, electronic health records (EHR) serve as a solution to these challenges (2001). The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) passed by President Barack Obama promotes the adaptation of EHR system by providing health organizations and providers with incentives through Medicare and Medicaid for meaningful utilization of EHR systems (McGonigle&Mastrian, 2017). Technology in nursing has evolved and transformed the way nurses work and continues to grow, along with the role’s nurses play in today’s health care environment (Melissa Wirkus, 2016).For many years the paper chat served as the patient’s primary medical records such as medical histories, medical diagnosis, medications, and other pertinent patient information. In the future, an expected healthcare technology trend in nursing practice will be a significant increase in the use of the Electronic health record (EHR) instead of the traditional paper charting As technology continues to grow so does additional information technology that helps caregivers, engage patients and improve efficiencies and better patient outcomes (Laureate Education, 2018). For example, patients can now have access to their medical health records at their own convenient through online portals and can effectively communicate with their health care provider. In addition, patients are also using social media platforms like Facebook and twitter to get/communicate with others with the same health-related diagnosis.
According to McGonigle & Mastrain “Public health information systems represent a partnership of federal, state, and local public health professionals” (2017). In the present-day majority of health care organizations are embracing the implementation of electronic health records. In the hospital I work, we are making use of the Meditech operating system. Patient medical histories, diagnosis, home medications, and current medications are updated and readily available. During patient’s hospital stay, all health care providers can log in with their personal access codes to document as well as view patients’ labs, patient notes, care plans and so on. More so, one intriguing benefit for the patients is during the patient’s hospital stay and at discharge, patients are educated about our patient portal where they can easily log in to look up their personal medical records.
Potential Risk/ Challenge Associated with data Safety.
A potential risk associated with data and or technology safety is the lack of patient confidentiality. For example, when a nurse who is from a different unit assesses patient medical records they took care of three days before, that is considered a break in patients ‘confidentiality because that nurse has no reason viewing records of a patient who is not assigned to them. At my facility, they monitor nurses who try to access a patient’s chart without proper authorization. This can lead to disciplinary action or termination of employment. The administration has zero tolerance for this behavior. With advancement in information technology patient’s vital information such as test results, labs, and assessments are automatically synched from the operating machine to the appropriate patient’s EMR. This prevents possible errors that can arise with paper documentation. At my current organization, the Meditech EMR system is utilized to its full extent. The EMR system allows a congruent flow inpatient care from providers and clinicians and prevents possible human errors. Informatics has assisted in the incorporation of information technology in healthcare delivery, by providing a haven for patients’ data and making valuable patient data readily available for treatment.
Finally, an inherent risk associated with a legislature that limits telehealth services pertains to reimbursement. State laws and rules regarding reimbursement rates for telehealth services differ, even within the same jurisdiction, for telemedicine profitability are driven primarily by payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies (Fanburg & Walzman, 2018). Such inconsistency in reimbursement rules for telehealth services can create weak incentives among providers to expand telehealth care. Thus, each provider must be aware of legal policies governing telehealth practice within respective jurisdictions to promote telehealth services successfully.
As stated above, a current and future trend that has evolved and still evolving is the introduction of social media and telehealth. Currently, telehealth is trending I have seen many health-related groups on Facebook where patients with the same diagnoses communicate, ask questions, and even get healthcare provider recommendations. Telehealth, on the other hand, is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to assist and promote long-distance clinical health care systems (McGonigle&Mastrian, 2017). For example, individuals who are looking for quick answers to their health problems, and maybe have no means of transportation, telehealth is beneficial for them in the comfort of their homes. Services like this offer patient immediate healthcare consult/answers and refrains patient from going to the emergency room and sitting there for several hours before being attended to. This impacts nursing practice positively. Telehealth nursing can be done anywhere. Nurses can make use of technology to conduct telehealth sessions in their homes, at doctor’s offices, in prisons, and in clinics and hospitals. Basically, any place where the proper technology is available is a suitable place for telehealth nursing. For example, in emergencies, nurses from around the world can participate in telephone triage set-ups. Wherever nursing is done in a telehealth setting, nurses can monitor a patient’s oxygen levels, heart rate, respiration, blood glucose and more. In addition, patients contact their nurses through the telehealth system to get help. In non-emergency situations, they can get the nurse to take their blood pressure readings or glucose readings, for instance. Nurses can instruct patients as to how to dress a wound or treat a minor burn. The patients usually find their telehealth nurses through their managed health care organization. Nurses must be overseen there to regulate patient access to the system. Most of the time, the goal is to reduce the number of trips patients make to the ER.
These are the sources you used for my post. You can use these or any others you want. I trust your judgement
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