Active and Passive Euthanasia Conceptually Unjustifiable Essay Assignment

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Active and Passive Euthanasia Conceptually Unjustifiable Essay Assignment

Please write a 4 page essay on all of the following questions. Submit to the Essay 2 assignment dropbox no later than 11:30pm March 24

This essay will be a “critical evaluation of an argument” type essay. You may want to read and review the document ‘What is Critical Evaluation’ before writing your essay (actually, I strongly recommend you read that document!!) This document is located in the section “General Information.” Also, this is a “formal” essay, and so it needs to have an introductory paragraph, and then a proper body, in paragraph form, etc. The document ‘What is Critical Evaluation’ has information about introductory paragraphs as well…

This essay will focus on the Rachels article “Active and Passive Euthanasia” (pp. 395-399).

  1. In your introductory paragraph, state clearly the main claim/conclusion that Rachels is arguing for and discuss any necessary background information needed to introduce the reader to the general topic.
  2. Discuss/explain Rachels arguments for his main conclusion. Be precise and thorough and make sure to discuss all of his arguments.
  3. Critically evaluate Rachels’ argument. (And here, since the Callahan reading for this Module argues for the opposite conclusion from Rachels, you can think about some of the things he says and whether and in what way they may weaken Rachels argument. But as always with the critical evaluation part of the essays, you must grapple with the issues and try to express and support your own views…don’t just summarize Callahan’s view, but express your own thoughts and ideas in the critical assessment.

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