American Indians in Contemporary Society

American Indians in Contemporary Society


What article or news program in the current issue of Indian Country Today , or Native America Calling or any other source did you find of most interest to you. Why? 

Experience with American Indians
What is your experience with American Indian issues?  How familiar are you with the different American Indian tribes?  What do you think/feel are the most important  issues in the State of Indian Nations Speech 2015 that American Indians are facing today. Was this you first time hearing the address? If so, what surprised you?


5 – Excellent and well-written responses. Includes the reading/related assignments.

Both the response and the post connect the major points.

4.5– Thoughtful responses that include the major ideas related to that weeks discussion.
But missing one or two major connections.

4 – A good response that references or generalizes the main points related to that week.
Perhaps the response or the post could use some more
information or clarity.

3.5– A good overall response. But either the post or the response was
lacking the main point.

3 – There is both a post and a response but they fail to convey the main ideas.

2.5– Great and well-thought out response but only posted one.

2 – One post only, good ideas but missing a major point or two.

1.5– One post only, nicely written but not well developed.

1 – One post missing depth or a connection to the assignment.

0 – No post. No Response to another student.

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