Assessment Tests Given to Children

Assessment is used for various purposes.  It is important to understand your role as a teacher or caregiver within the context of each purpose. 


For this first discussion post, you will complete the first two columns of the Assessment Purpose KWL Chart 


After completing the two columns, reflect on the following statement by Wortham (2012): “Assessments in the early childhood years have many purposes; some are beneficial for young children, and others are detrimental” (p. 21). 


Discuss at least two examples of how some of these purposes can be beneficial and two examples of how they can be detrimental.  You may use personal examples, but be sure to support those examples with information from the text or outside resources, that are properly cited in APA form. 


When completion of this discussion, you should have the first two columns that is K  and W completed.  Along with reflecting the Wortham statement, by providing two examples of how this purpose can be beneficial and two examples of how it can be detrimental.  Any sources should be properly cited in APA form


Here is the worksheet you need to answer your K and W on.


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