Assignment #3 ( annotated bibliography)

Select a healthcare leadership issue listed in the weekly module. Please explain why you selected this topic, the limitations of your research, advantages/disadvantages of the topic you researched.  Complete an annotated bibliography that addresses the topic of choice. The annotated bibliography must include 10 references (webinar, journal article, and text book must be included in your references). Each annotated reference must be 7-10 sentences.
Sample annotated bibliographies are located in the weekly module. 
References and style of writing must be in correct APA formatting. The link listed below is a resource for annotated bibliographies:
Please review APA manual pages 87-97 for mechanics of style.
This accounts for 33% of your grade.
Please select a topic for your annotated bibliography assignment. A list is provided below but you may select another topic that is not listed. Topic must be relevant to healthcare leadership.
-Patient recidivism
-Mentoring and preceptorship for healthcare leaders
-Cultural competency and sensitivity
-Marketing in healthcare (branding and imaging)
-Financial reimbursement structure in healthcare
-IHI triple aim initiatives
-Computerized documentation (EMR)
-Capitol investment and decision making for healthcare institutions
-Health and wellness promotion in the workplace
-Customer service in healthcare (AIDET)
-Workplace Burnout
-Emotional Intelligence

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