Authors Use of Elements & Strategies for Establishing Ethos Essay

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Authors Use of Elements & Strategies for Establishing Ethos Essay

Double spaced, size 12 font, MLA Format and at least 5 pages long.


You are tasked with analyzing its author’s use of “conventions of academic writing” and strategies for developing ethos. Identify multiple conventions used, examine why they were chosen, and analyze the effects they have upon the author’s target audience. In addition, explore the relative success or failure of the author to establish her/his/their credibility as speakers on the issue/topic addressed in the selected text.

Please include an appropriate introductory section, one that accomplishes similar moves to many articles published in academic or professional periodicals. Furthermore, conclude your response by exploring some aspect of “Why should others care?” in relation to this major writing assignment. To meet the various demands of Project 3 successfully, a response of 5 MLA formatted pages is expected. Also, a Works Cited page is not included in this total but is expected.

Criteria for Evaluation:

Successful papers will

  1. Provide an introductory section that engages readers and introduces them to your selected text and purpose of this assignment;
  2. Identify and demonstrate the author’s use of different conventions, elements and strategies for establishing ethos and explain whether the author is successful in establishing ethos;
  3. Identify and analyze some of the different elements of academic writing used to develop the text;
  4. Conclude the response appropriately by exploring the paper’s significance for others;
  5. Use an effective structure that carefully guides the reader from one idea to the next, including the use of transition phrases and sentences between ideas;
  6. Be thoroughly edited and use appropriate diction and tone to satisfy an academic audience’s expectations;
  7. Meet MLA standards for format, style, citation, and documentation.

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