Blog 3

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Blog 3

For the past 90 years advertising and film have worked hand in hand to persuade to viewer to buy what they see in films (an TV).

Don’t belive that? What did ET eat? I bet you can tell us even if you have not seen the film. And what candy company turned down that lucrative movie contract?*


For this post I want you to do 3 things (react- think- respond):

  • React: I want you to think about your favorite movie- what products do you see? Make a list. How do you feel about these products now that you see them as advertising to the viewer and not just film props?
  • Think: Read the article and view the slide share about product placement in the week 6 folder.
  • Respond: What is the cultural impact of the marriage between film and advertising? Should anything be changed in this relationship?

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