can someone do all my dropbox assignments

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can someone do all my dropbox assignments


Educational Psychology

Dropbox Assignment 1: 3 pages, due Saturday 

Vygotsky and his followers have proposed that children’s and adolescents’ cognitive development is 

promoted when they work within their zone of proximal development and that scaffolding enables 

them to do this successfully.

a. Explain these two concepts, and give a concrete example of each one.

b. Choose a topic or skill that is apt to be in the zone of proximal development for most 

students at a particular grade level. Then explain how you would 

(1) scaffold students’ efforts and 

(2) modify the scaffolding over time.

Dropbox Assignment 2: 3 pages, due Saturday 

Drawing on research findings presented in the textbook, identify at least four ways that students 

from diverse cultural backgrounds may have difficulty adjusting to a traditional classroom. Give 

specific examples and offer suggestions about how a teacher could support these students in each 

situation. Dropbox Assignment 3: 3 pages, due Saturday 

You are a classroom teacher. Select a grade level and subject you are teaching. Identify the standards 

you want students to know and be able to do. Using principles of cognitive psychology, describe how 

you will use these three instructional strategies: elaboration; prior knowledge; and visual imagery to 

insure meaningful learning (pages 169-173). One of the strategies should also address the needs of 

the learning disabled students in your classroom. Be specific and concrete in the description of the Dropbox Assignment 4: 2 pages

In your own words, distinguish between positive and negative transfer and give an original, concrete 

example of each. With the factors affecting transfer in mind, describe three different strategies you 

can use to help students transfer what they learn to situations outside the classroom. For each 

strategy, be specific and concrete as to what you would do.


Dropbox Assignment 5: 3 pages, due Saturday 

Compare and contrast behaviorism and social cognitive theories. In your own words discuss the 

main components of each theory. How does each theory guide behavior management in the 

classroom? Include examples and conclude with your opinion of these approaches.

Dropbox Assignment 6: due Saturday 

Develop a questionnaire on motivation (based upon information from the text), then interview a 

classroom teacher, using your questions. (Approximately 10 questions). Submit your questions and 

the responses with an analysis of the teacher’s approach to motivation. Review the chapter 

information on motivation before you develop your questionnaire. Include the name and phone 

number of the teacher you questioned.   Dropbox Assignment 7: 3 pages, due Saturday 

Chapter 12 outlines a series of instructional strategies and describes how to create a lesson plan. 

Select a topic to teach to a specific grade level. Name your standards (objectives) for students to 

learn. Identify a minimum of three strategies and describe how you will develop the lesson (teach the 

standards), using the strategies to maximize student learning. Be explicit.   


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