Can you do this

Can you do this

THe subject is children living in norfolk va with cancer.

Research Project

In preparation for this semester long research project, students are to select a community for this assignment. Students should select a community for which they wish to locate resources. The semester long project must have approval from the instructor. Once approval has been gained from the instructor, the student may begin collecting data regarding the community. The textbook by authors Crimando and Riggar (2005) and Sharma and Romas (2012) are to be used as a reference for this research project. Because this is a semester-long project, the minimum length is seven (7) typed pages for undergraduate students. A potential ten (10) points may be deducted from projects that are not a minimum of 7 pages of text plus a cover page, a reference page, a graphic map, a graphic of the model, a table of contents, and a table of demographic information or other content, all properly formatted according to APA. An abstract page is required for this project. The paper should be double-spaced, using a traditional font such as Times New Roman or Arial with a 12 point font.

The selected community will need to be assessed not only for community resources, but also for health promotion needs. Students must have prior approval from the instructor for this assignment. Students will post in Blackboard the selected community and will receive feedback from the instructor for modification until final approval is provided. The APA style manual is to be used, therefore, students are encouraged to purchase the manual and not rely on the internet provided renderings. Ten (10) points will be deducted if the research project does follow the APA style manual requirements. The cover page is to include the student’s name, UIN, course title, Honor Pledge and Professor’s name. Students are encouraged to retain a copy of all work submitted; be mindful that the semester paper will not be returned to you.

In preparing the semester-long research project, students are encouraged to add supplemental materials to accompany the paper and powerpoint. If a pamphlet or a brochure of types is to be included, it can be scanned and submitted electronically with the project as an Appendix or they may be mailed to the instructor from the assigned distance learning site. If the student is assigned to the main campus of Old Dominion University, please either hand deliver or use the inter-campus mailing system at the Gornto Mail Distribution Center for mailing items.

The research project will be submitted via Blackboard. There will be a link for this assignment, Community Research Project, for electronic submission of this assignment. Only those assignments uploaded in BlackBoard will be acknowledged and graded. Be mindful not to send assignments via email to the instructor.


Research Project Outline

Students, in preparing the Research Project, the following should be considered and incorporated as subtitles for the paper.

Introduction – This section identifies the research proposed and the strategy to be utilized; it outlines information on why this research is necessary. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the APA style manual on preparing the introduction.

Demographics – This subtitle is intended for information on the selected community for the project, including information of the city and state locality. Students should define the selected community and discuss why it was selected. Examples of communities would include the following: people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS living in Newport News, Virginia; children who are diagnosed with cancer living in Virginia Beach, Virginia; working people who need dental treatment who are underinsured living in Chesapeake, Virginia; substance abusers living in Norfolk, Virginia; returning veterans from the present war living in Hampton, Virginia. Be creative and provide as much identifying information as possible about the selected community. You may also compare and contrast two (2) differing communities.

Community Resources Found – This subtitle is intended for the body of the paper and must include the community resources found for the selected community for the research project. This subtitle should include an explanation of the community resources available or lacking in the support of the community’s needs? If resources were lacking, make recommendations on how to improve this aspect.

Community Health Education and Promotion Assessment – This subtitle should explain the result of the community assessment of the need for health promotion and health education for the selected community. How could that need be implemented in the selected community? If so, how so; if not, why not?

Theoretical Framework – This subtitle should have information on the selection of the model or theory that best supports the selected community for health promotion.

Discussion – This subtitle should have an entire page of narrative dedicated to what was learned from conducting this community research.

References – This subtitle should include all sources used for the research project and should begin on a new page in the narrative. Do not use the terms, ‘Works Cited’. Be sure to follow the guidelines for developing a reference page in the APA style manual.

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