Case study of nursing_2000 words

The paper must be presented as a formal scholarly essay with the following sections:
Section A – 100 words 
The introduction should catch the reader’s attention in an interesting way and introduce what will be discussed in the assignment. 

Section B – 1850 words 
This section should address two specific areas: 

1. Discuss four social factors that impact on the health of a person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background (approximately 230 words per factor, 925 words in total this section). 

2. Analyze the scenario above to identify four health problems that require further assessment and follow-up by the Registered Nurse (approximately 230 words per factor, 925 words in total this section). For each of the identified health problems, clearly state what the health problem is and then discuss what further information is needed by the Registered Nurse to enable the assessment of each health problem. Give examples of the questions that you might ask about each health problem to get this information. 

Section C – Conclusion 50 words 
The conclusion presents a brief paragraph that ties together the main points of the assignment, but does not introduce new ideas and generally does not include new literature or direct quotes. 

Section D – Reference List 
A minimum of 10 references (five for each section of the assignment) from reliable sources of evidence such as journals and textbooks should support the assignment. They should be referenced correctly using the Harvard Referencing System. 

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