Before you get started on designing your own action research

Before you get started on designing your own action research study, you need to understand the basics of action research, how it differs from traditional action research, and why this approach to research can add value to your practices as an early childhood professional. You also need to understand the ways action research can support positive outcomes for your young children and their families. To prepare for this discussion, please read Chapter 1 of the Mills (2014) textbook and the Action Research Document. Please also watch the Action Research in the Classroom Part 1 video.
Based on what you have learned from these sources, please respond to the following: Explain the origin, purpose, and goals/rationale of action research in education. Compare and contrast the goals of action research and traditional research. Explain the meaning of “mixed methods research design” and the key characteristics of this type of design. Justify why action research is valuable to early childhood education professionals and provide one specific example of how it can make a positive difference in a classroom, center, school, or any other educational setting/organization.