Chemistry week 3 learning Activities

Ionic and Molecular Compounds
1. Name each of the following molecular compounds
a. CO2
b. N2O
c. P2O5
d. N2S3
e. CF4
2. Write the formula of the following molecular compound
a. Carbon tetrachloride
b. Sulfur dioxide
c. Phosphorus pentafluoride
d. Dinitrogen tetroxide
e. Chlorine dioxide
3. Classify each of the following as ionic or molecular and give its name
a. Na2SO4
b. Fe(OH)3
c. CCl4
d. OF2
e. CaS
4. Identify the group in the periodic table of the element X in each of the following ionic compounds
a. XSO4
b. XF3
c. XCl
d. XO
e. X2CO3
5. Classify the bonds in each of the following compounds as ionic bond, polar covalent bond, or non polar covalent bond
a. MgS
b. H-Cl
c. Br-Br
d. H-O-H
e. NaCl
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