college algebra

college algebra


College Algebra Unit 5: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


Individual Project Assignment: Version 2A


Show all of your work details for these calculations. Please review this Web site to see how to type mathematics using the keyboard symbols.


IMPORTANT: See Question 1 in Problem 2 below for special IP instructions. This is mandatory.


Problem 1: Photic Zone




 Light entering water in a pond, lake, sea, or ocean will be absorbed or scattered by the particles in the water and its intensity, I, will be attenuated by the depth of the water, x, in feet. Marine life in these ponds, lakes, seas, and oceans depend on microscopic plant life that exists in the photic zone. The photic zone is from the surface of the water down to a depth in that particular body of water where only 1% of the surface light remains unabsorbed or not scattered. The equation that models this light intensity is the following:





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