community hospital Emergency Department, – Nursing Essay

 As the manager of a community hospital’s Emergency Department, you have been tasked with developing a policy to prevent patients from receiving ED services for non-emergent conditions. Prepare a policy draft to be reviewed by the hospital’s leadership team. This team includes legal counsel, physicians and registered nurses, as well as chief operating, financial, and executive officers. Your wording should be professional, and consistent with an organization’s policy (do not include statements that indicate opinion, personal views, or observations).      In an opening paragraph, summarize EMTALA and the hospital’s obligation to comply with it.     In a second paragraph, explain the need for and reasoning behind the policy.     In approximately 1 page, draft the policy to provide guidelines for all staff, including clinical providers when triaging patients who walk into the ED.     On a separate page, include a “Question & Answer” section. Provide six questions (and answers) that the leadership team is likely to ask after reading your policy draft.     Include a reference page, in APA format, with a minimum of three scholarly sources.     Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets the criteria.     Submit the following the EMTALA Policy. 

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