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Discuss and analyze the situation according to the ethical principles that you have learned in this chapters  
Chapter 4: Ethics in Public and Community Health Nursing Practice
Chapter 5: Cultural Influences in Nursing in Community Health
Chapter 28: Nursing Practice at the Local, State, and National Levels in Public Health,
 How would the use of a different priority of ethical principles affect possible outcomes?
1. A high school student with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) wishes to attend class.
2.A student has confided to a school worker that her father is sexually abusing her. She does not want her mother, who is a teacher at the school, to know and does not want the nurse or the counselor or principal to discuss this with anyone.
  Stanhope, M. & Lancaster, J. (2018). Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing (5 th ed.). Elsevier. (e-Book) 

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