Compensation & Benefits Draft Powerpoint presentation


Compensation & Benefits Course

Use concepts and terms in your presentation

Job classification as the job analysis

The process of analysis- recruitment, selection, compensation, performance, appraisal: Recommendations for improvement

Job design

Job evaluations-The Ranking method

Improve compensation structure

6-8 slides with speaker notes of 150-200 words per slide (excluding title and reference slides)

Create a presentation that addresses the following in your analysis:


Building on the knowledge you have gained in this course, you will be reviewing the compensation and benefit package offered by your organization.

·         Review the type of job analysis used by your organization, and determine if it is effective. Then, evaluate whether other types of analyses would work better for the type of work performed in your organization.

·         Discuss the methods of job evaluation your organization uses, and make any recommendations for improving the validity of the data gained from this evaluation.

·         Analyze the process used to tie job descriptions to criteria for candidate selection, paying particular attention to the validity of the correlation between job tasks and candidate criteria.


·         Review and recommend ways to improve the compensation structure to match the strategic targets for internal and external pay equity, rates, scales, and market position.

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