Criminal Justice Request 2

Criminal Justice Request 2

Please complete assignment parts 1 and 2 in APA format.


Part 1

In this part of the assignment you will write a 1 page paper. Choose one of the topics below, read the article provided, google your topic!

Remember that Wikipedia is not considered as a valid source.

  1. Topic:  4th Amendment exception to searches and seizures (Terry v. Ohio) 
  • Question:   What impact did Terry v. Ohio have on law enforcement officers? (HINT: What have been the benefits or hindrance of Terry as it relates to officer safety?)
  1. Topic:  5th Amendment Right to be Free of Self-Incrimination (Miranda v. Arizona)
  • Question: How has Miranda v. Arizona changed the arrest and interrogation process? (HINT: What advantages and disadvantages does Miranda provide for suspects and law enforcement officals?)      


  • 2.  Topic: 8th Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment (Furman v. Georgia)  
  • Question: Discuss if the death penalty, in all cases, is a violation of the 8th Amendment? Please support your position with 2 court cases. You cannot use Furman v. Georgia as one of your supporting cases.


Part 2



In a 2 page essay, discuss National Crime Victimization Survey. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the NCVS? How is the data gathered? Who benefits from this information being collected?


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