CS 5 math

 This is a case study. Below are the instructions. This should be 6+ pages and follow all the instructions below. IThe case study is attached.




Case Study: Partnership for Lebanon and Cisco Systems


CSR Lessons


Analyze the case and discuss the key strategic lessons learned from the PFL concerning the implementation and running of development programs that could be adopted by any senior manager.

Cisco, Corporate Sponsors, and PFL


Discuss the leadership position that Cisco assumed in the PFL. Analyze the engagement of the PFL corporate partners. How did they benefit from their engagement? What added value do partnerships bring to CSR initiatives, in particular to PFL and in general to any organization?

The Challenge of Sustainability


Make recommendations to help address the challenge of sustainability in development projects led by CSR initiatives. Base your suggestions on PFL examples from the case.



Summarize in 2–3 paragraphs the most important elements addressed in this analysis.



Include a separate page of APA-formatted references. At the minimum, the case study should be included, as well as two outside references. There should be no items listed in the references that were not included in the body of the paper as in-text citations.



Review the Partnership for Lebanon and Cisco Systems case study in the Resources folder.


The project manager for the Partnership for Lebanon (PFL) and Cisco Systems’ regional director of corporate affairs for the Middle East and Africa met three years after PFL was first initiated. Their meeting revolved primarily around the challenge of sustainability and what useful suggestions they could put forward to their partners to ensure that the projects initiated through PFL would have a life of their own and not be dependent on the continuous substantive investments of the partners. This case focuses on how companies can leverage their core competence to maximize value for both business and society and the various social and economic goals this can achieve.


In this case study analysis, you are to address the following, utilizing the headings below in the body of the paper. You must cite all facts from the case study itself. In addition to citing from the case study, you must also cite at least two other resources. Suggested assignment length (not including cover page and reference page): 6–8 pages.






Provide a synopsis of the company and the case.


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