Cultural Diversity in Healthcare – Nursing Essay Tutors

Research Paper 
This paper consists of researching and completing a term paper dealing with an issue in cultural diversity and healthcare. There is a list of topics you can choose from or you can submit an original topic. Your paper should be in APA style .Grading rubrics for the research paper can be found at the end of this syllabus. 
Your research paper should have at least the following components:  · an introduction presenting your      topic,  · an overview of the structure of      the paper,  · an engaging and thought-provoking      thesis statement,  · a literature review of the      existing research,  · a minimum of five sources that are      peer-reviewed, or academic in nature,  · references and citations following      APA formatting, and  · key points summarized with smooth      transitions between section. 
You will often be given a task dealing with your career and sent on your way to “accomplish the job”. Just as in the real world, you must work toward excellence. The more original, the better the evaluation! Mediocracy will be rewarded as such by your instructor. 

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