For this Discussion Board assignment, you will write a definition essay post on the term motivation. In this essay post, you will define what it means to you to be motivated as a college student in a writing course. In your essay post, include challenges that you are facing with college level writing and the role that motivation will play in your success of this course. Explain what it will take for you to be motivated to develop writing skills, complete required assignments on time, incorporate instructor feedback, and transfer learning into your future courses and professional life. Your definition essay post should contain facts, examples, and anecdotes. For a review of the basic writing process see the unit reading assignments and the unit resources.

At a minimum, your essay post should address the following with an introduction, a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion: 

  • Include fully developed paragraphs with topic sentences. 
  • Define motivation using examples and anecdotes (stories). 
  • Provide a critical analysis of your writing capabilities. 
  • Identify future writing skill needs and your motivation to improve deficiencies. 
  • Discuss importance of completing all assignments on time and incorporating instructor feedback. 
  • Discuss importance of transferring writing skills mastered in this course in your future courses and career requirements. 
  • Share what you want to achieve in the course to become a successful writer.

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