As you continue to review the functionality of various operating systems, you also have to look at various components of the computers to ensure that your selected operating system (OS) is compatible with the hardware deployed in your environment. Your aim is to provide a standard operating environment in your business because standardization will help control cost, alleviate security issues, and provide a platform for better support. You have seen that there are many different OSs from which to choose. Now you will see how many choices there are for computer components.

As the system administrator, you are tasked with communicating information about computer components to employees at your company. You need to put a document together that describes the most important components.

Complete the following tasks:

  1. Explain and define the following components:
    • Hard drive
    • RAM
    • ROM
    • CMOS
    • Video card
    • Network card
    • Processor (CPU)
    • Cache
    • Motherboard
  2. Discuss why it is important to standardize hardware as well as software.

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