Determine its threats to existing health care organizations.

ultimedia-Innovative Business Solutions
Review various product and service options from various companies listed in the Table 7.1 Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Innovative Health Care Business Solutions Awards in Chapter 7 of your course text. Select one option, and create a multimedia presentation that addresses the following:
Describe the product or service and its use.Determine its threats to existing health care organizations.Forecast the partnership between your selected product/company and existing health care organizations to provide better care to the patients.To create your multimedia presentation, first create a five-slide PowerPoint (excluding the title slide and references slide) that presents the information
Utilize a minimum of three scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources, including the textbook, that were published within the last five years, and all sources must be documented in APA style.
Your PowerPoint presentation must include:
A Title Slide with the following:
Title of your presentation.Student’s name.Course title/number.Instructor’s name.Date.Introduction.Product or Service OverviewThreats to Existing Healthcare Organization.Partnership with Existing Healthcare Organizations.Conclusion.Reference slide.Clear organization/sequence.A clear and logical progression of ideas.Three to five bullet points (approximately five words per bulleted item).Relevant visuals, such as graphs and/or tables, which enhance understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships. You may use Creative Commons for images and visuals.A consistent theme, format, and font that augment the readability.To submit this assignment, upload a Word document that contains the link to your multimedia presentation and your scripts, so your instructor can provide you with feedback on your presentation.

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