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Diet and Disease– 25 pointsThere are a number of diseases that are prevented by or treated with a specific dietary pattern.  Diet modifications are included as treatment for some of the most common diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes (type 1 and type 2 , and gestational diabetes), and kidney disease.  However, other conditions such as epilepsy, osteo-arthritis, chronic obstructive lung disease, can also benefit from dietary modification. There are other conditions such as cancer that often require diet modifications during treatment (such as chemotherapy).
For this assignment choose a disease that the treatment involves diet modification. Please contact instructor if you have any questions.
Next, find current (2012-2019) and valid information about how diet is used in the treatment of the condition.  You need to locate and use information from 3 sources and 2 different valid sources.  At least one source is required to be a peer reviewed research article from a medical journal. The other sources could be NIH, an association website (such as American Heart Association), etc.
Your report should include:
Introduction – what is the disease that you will be discussing.  How many people have the disease?  Give overview of how the disease treated
Discuss the diet. Explain the dietary patterns that are recommended to treat the disease.  Use the valid information to present the diet patterns and principles that are recommended. 
Summary of importance and effectiveness of diet in treating the condition.
Reference list with citations in APA format. Current information. Submit your paper in the drop box on the dates indicated.
Grading Rubric 5 points – Introduction to the disease – summary of the disease.
12 points  – Discussion of information from valid sources.  Discuss the diet recommendations.  Discuss if all three of your sources have same recommendations, or do they differ in any way.  Make sure you use information from and cite all 3 sources. 
5 points – summarize the importance and effectiveness of diet in the treatment
3 points for the 3 valid citations (one peer reviewed)

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