Disaster Recovery Discussion B

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Disaster Recovery Discussion B


Search “scholar.google.com” or your textbook. Discuss the issues organization’s face with regards to the protection of its customer information. How might an organization notify its users that all communications are being monitored and preserved? How will end users typically respond to such announcements?


The protection of customer information is the basic need of any company or organization to run their services effectively to reach a large number of customers. It is necessary to maintain healthy communication with the customers in saving their personal information. If any leakage of personal information is observed, their reputation will be affected as a resulting decline in their services can be observed (Dlamini, 2009).

Protection of Customer Information

The information of employees, customers, workers, and team members is necessary to be maintained to meet the company’s goals. If there is a decrease or shortfall in customer numbers that will affect their sales and promotions in the public. The banks, organizations, schools, institutes, and government authorities have to maintain the secrecy of data related to all the team including customers and employees. There may be a chance of misuse or misleading of customer information that may reach wrong websites or wrong persons. The common people and innocent people will be most affected due to their ill activities. So, the aim of companies or organizations is to provide safety to their customers which in turn brings positive reviews. For example, the banks will maintain personal records and financial information and transactions related to big parties and industries that have to be maintained secretly. The bank employees have to work with dedication and commitment that they should not cross the bank rules in exposing their personal details to any third parties. If any case is observed in such instances, they will be punished according to the court rules. In five-star hotels and resorts, the customers will stay for their dealings and business transactions to develop their dealings between the parties. So, the personal details, address, and information need to be maintained privately to avoid legal issues (Momoh, 2017).

Customers will have the right to privacy and can complain if anyone goes against rules. Along with these two, the information of customers’ needs to be protected in government organizations. There will be large information available in government records where they have to be managed properly for their business purposes only. The personal data may be leaked to third parties or unknown persons for profits which will affect their survival process (Smith, 2011).

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Information and data are one of the important components of an organization. It is therefore essential for an organization to ensure that data and information are protected at all costs. Data and information include customers’ personal and confidential information. An organization should ensure that its customer information is protected from any form of malicious activities. However, as organizations strive to provide the surety to their clients’ information, a number of challenges are encountered.

As an organization work to protect a customer’s information, a customer is as well expected to play a role in safeguarding own information. Hackers will sometimes concentrate on customers to lure them into penetrating into their information (Sadeghi, Wachsmann, & Waidner, 2015). Phishing has been one of these strategies. Some users may also use weak passwords and access their accounts with vulnerable devices. In such scenarios, it is difficult for an organization to provide security to the customer’s information.

It is also clear that virtualization has taken the center stage of operation of different business activities. Customers’ data and information have been stored cloud servers leaving an organization with little control over their customers’ information. In such a case, it because difficult for an organization to guarantee its customers safety as far as the protection of their confidential information is concerned (Sadeghi, Wachsmann, & Waidner, 2015).

A business entity can notify its end users that communications are being monitored and preserved by calling them in a meeting and explain the idea and the reason as to why they are doing so. The end users may resist the idea as they may feel that they are being denied privacy in some of their personal talks. It is therefore important for them to be convinced by giving them information about the strategy and how it will be essential.



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