Discuss the best methods that the management team can use to

Problem Solving and Judgement Management Plan
Problem Solving and Judgement Management Plan
It is incumbent for the members of the Group 2 management team to develop a management plan that helps the company operate smoothly, efficiently, and in an ethical manner while pursuing both short and long-term goals. An effective management plan is a blueprint for the way a company operates and must allow for day-to-day as well as contingency operations when problems arise. Best practices and problem-solving techniques will be implemented and applied to specific concerns as needed. These techniques will include problem identification, selecting the best operators, and proper problem representation. Where different types of problem-solving techniques are employed, best practices based on sound judgement will be employed. Successful management plans help companies avoid adverse legal actions, establish rules for how employees and the company operate internally and in the community they live.
Effective Methods for Problem Solving
There are times when a team may have to deal with problem solving issues or perhaps the team may have to address a specific issue. It is always helpful to know how to solve problems as a team, it should always be a group effort where the team reaches a common ground that is suitable for all team members, finding a solution is the main goal. The following methods seem to work well preparing teams in the event there may be a problem that may need to be resolved. One important method is to ensure there is preparation and organization within the team. Structure provides a sense of framework which can lead to progress as well as productivity within the team. Open dialog is very effective in team problem solving as it gives each team member to an opportunity to share their opinions in a constructive and open manner. There are times that additional training can assist team members build communication skills, conflict resolution and team building skills. The goal is to work as a team efficiently and effectively, collaboration is the key in team dynamics. Allowing team members to provide their opinions on alternatives can be helpful, considering the perspectives of the team, this is also a way of showing your support for the team. Critical thinking is also essential as it allows everyone to step back and take a moment to process information, thinking of the best alternative to the existing problem within the team. Finally, team members should be willing to collaborate at some point as this can behoove the team in the long run, these methods are ways to problem solve in team management.
Judgement: How is it included?

Example (Austin)

For instance, say an employee at the company named Joe is reporting to management that another coworker, Janet, is sexually harassing him. When the manager confronts Janet, she states that it is all in good nature; she is just joking with Joe and he should not take it personal. It is now up to management to accurately represent this problem and move forward with the concern, which could mean possibly involving Human Resources (HR). In order for the manager (and HR associates) to conduct an investigation and take the necessary action, it is vital that the manager depicts an accurate representation of the problem at hand to help facilitate the investigation and incorporate the necessary facts. Anderson (2010) references the problem solving process by stating, “problem solving is described in terms of searching a problem space,

which consists of various states of the problem. A state is a representation of the problem in some degree of solution. The initial situation of the problem is referred to as the start state; the situations on the way to the goal, as intermediate states; and the goal, as the goal state” (Anderson, 2010, p. 212). In this circumstance, the manager must work through the problem at hand when it is first brought to his attention. Originally, in the start state, the manager is gaining all of the necessary information to conduct a formal investigation of the complaint lodged by Joe. This could mean taking in the required information about both Joe and Janet, their work performance, and any other defining characteristics about each individual. The manager will also go into detail about what is happening between Joe and Janet, and may even call in witnesses. In the intermediate state, the manager (and possibly HR) will follow through with the investigation of the situation between Joe and Janet, and interpret all of the necessary data to eventually reach the goal state. In this case, the goal state would be both Joe and Janet feeling safe and secure in their work environment.



Anderson, J. R. (2010). Cognitive Psychology and Its Implications (7th ed.). New York, NY: Worth Publishers

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