Discussion Board Physics

Discussion Board Physics

Only 250 words. No cover page. No Plagiarism.


At this point in the course, you have been partially indoctrinated in the young-earth/old-earth debate. In Modules/Weeks 1 and 3, you were exposed to readings and presentations related to this issue and its foundational philosophies. You are continuing in this discussion during Module/Week 4 with more readings and presentations.

In no fewer than 250 words, discuss 2 things you have learned so far in this course as they relate to young-earth vs. old-earth, catastrophism vs. uniformitarianism, and/or evolution vs. six-day creation. For each of these, discuss how your perspective has changed and/or how you have grown in your faith. Take the time to develop your answer to this question thoroughly. The quality and depth of your response is key. Also, remember that grammatical/syntactical precision, organization, and logical progression of thought are important.

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