Discussion Response approx 100-150 words

Personal knowing is what you are known to others for. When someone gets to know someone, their personal knowing is what makes them stand out from other people. Personal knowing affects personal development because the way you treat people is related to what you know and what you actually do. Personal development is affected because you can better take care of people if personal knowing is not only acknowledged, but carried out. Personal knowing can only be viewed in the context of wholeness as no one really knows personal knowing than the knower. Personal knowing also incorporates compassion, passion and integrity (Chinn & Kramer, 2018). One professional strength I have as an OB nurse is the ability to relate to the patient and their situation. I have had babies all ways possible almost, and personally have been in a couple different hard situations so my ability to empathize with my patients is something that I am known for. Another professional strength I have is the ability to assess the patient’s beliefs and understandings and if they have beliefs that require any special attention, We take care of a good amount of Nepal refugees where I live and one thing they do is bring their family member food after she has the baby. Since this has become such a common thing for this community of patients, I have raised money to keep a small portable refrigerator around so the patient can keep it in their room. Just by addressing that small piece of detail, the patients are very happy to be able to store things at their bedside. One weakness I have is sometimes I can get attached to patients and I can spend a lot of time with them. I have trouble separating my work life from my home life and I feel sometimes I am empathetic to a fault. Using nursing theory, especially the self-care deficit theory, I can apply some of my own needs to this theory and use this theory to better help move through these needs. This will develop a weakness into a strength by working on what is needed and moving through the process of the self-care theory. Sometimes nurses are the worst about neglecting themselves and their basic needs, utilizing Orem’s self care deficit theory, one can recognize any areas they may be neglecting and pay attention to their needs (Lauder, 2001).
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Lauder, W. (2001). The utility of self-care theory as a theoretical basis for self-neglect.

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