According to Wortham (2012), “Teachers must be able to design their own tests to evaluate their own or individual learning objectives most effectively” (p.189). For this discussion, you will need to choose one of the children from the document, “Developmental Checklists Birth to Five.” Using this child and the domain of your choice fromThe Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework domains listed below, create a developmentally appropriate assessment that assesses one of the standards within that domain. You will find helpful guidelines for creating your assessment in Chapter 7 of the text. Also, remember not all assessments are paper and pencil tests so feel free to be creative with your assessment. For example, if you are creating an assessment on shapes you might have the students draw the names of the shapes you say, identify examples of the shapes in the room, or match a picture of the shape to its name.
The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework DomainsLiteracy Knowledge and SkillsMathematics Knowledge and SkillsScience Knowledge and SkillsSocial Studies Knowledge and Skills
Make sure your assessment also includes a clearly stated objective that utilizes Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs and what would constitute mastery. Also, make sure to include a brief description of the accommodations you may need to make for ELL or students with special needs.
Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers answering the following questions:
Does the level of learning in the objective match the level of learning on the assessment? If so, how? If not, suggest how it can be changed.How does the connection between the objective and level of learning on their assessment affect the validity of the test?Depending on the results, how would you use this assessment to enrich or remediate instruction?

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