Effective Leadership Theory in Modern Workforce Assignment

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Effective Leadership Theory in Modern Workforce Assignment

APA format 10 page paper on executive leadership theory (not including title page and reference page). You must use the following outline and page allocation.

Page 1-

—Examine a brief history of executive leadership

—Introduce the reader to the modern workforce

—Brief synopsis of what the paper will entail

Executive Leadership Theories
Transformational Leadership (2 Page)

-Transactional vs. Transformational

-History (James MacGregor Burns)

Leader-Member Exchange Theory (2 Page)

-In Group vs. Outgroup

-Parallels to modern day organizations

Adaptive Leadership (2 Page)

-Leadership vs. Authority

-Modern utilization by CEOs

Strengths Based Leadership (2 Page)

-Identification and leverage of strengths

-Activation of strength based leadership

Conclusion (1 Page)

-Brief Discussion of the best leadership theory and personal preference (Transformational)
-Conclusion and brief summarization of previous work

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