EMB612 Cultural Diversity and Global Business Research Paper


NOTE: This discussion counts toward your final research paper grade by 20% or 40 total points.

Use this discussion topic to post your draft of your research paper and to receive feedback from your group. Attach your individual draft as a word file.

Our schedule calls for feedback on draft research papers to be submitted by the end of the 6th week of our class. The schedule pushes you a bit and you will need time to read the drafts and give meaningful feedback. You will also need time to consider the feedback as received to polish your final paper for submission prior to the end of the 8th week (via the research paper Dropbox).

Remember that a draft is just that, a work-in-progress, and not intended to be the finished product. Likewise, feedback should be candid, constructive, and frank. This is the time to test your work, identify glitches, garner valuable feedback from your peers, and hone the final copy. I suggest that, as you review the drafts, identify 2-3 strong points in each and 2-3 areas that could use improvement or additional attention. Do not short your class mates with just “good job” or “interesting paper” as your sole feedback.

Note that because this is a substantial DT, the point value is up to five points, instead of the usual two points. Because considerable time is needed to read the drafts for your segment, digest the information, and offer feedback, this component of the class needs your significant attention.


Use this Dropbox to submit the final version of your research paper to me for grading (DUE April 24th). Take time to proofread closely your work. This assignment has a significant point value (135 points) and is graded using several factors (content and format; Master’s level graduate quality; spelling, grammar, punctuation; originality of topic and content; and readability and organization).

Before submitting your work for grading, take another look at the Syllabus to ensure that “all boxes are checked” (coverpage, honor code, etc.).

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