ESE 697 Week 5 assignment

ESE 697 Week 5 assignment

Lesson Plan #5: Vocabulary or Content Area

As you have learned in this fifth week of class, it is essential to understand how to plan for effective vocabulary and content area instruction for students with disabilities. In the classroom, it is important for all lesson plans to not only integrate effective strategies for instruction and accommodations for students with disabilities, but to also align with Common Core State Standards.

This lesson plan will focus on using effective, research-based strategies for teaching vocabulary (or a content area) to students with disabilities. Your lesson plan should use at least one, if not multiple, research-based strategies for teaching in this content area for students with disabilities. Your textbook has a plethora of strategies, but you may also seek other strategies as well in other peer-reviewed texts or articles that were required or recommended this week.

By now, you should be close to mastering writing lesson plans that have a clear learning objective that is aligned to Common Core State Standards. Additionally, the lesson plan should incorporate an assessment task aligned to the learning objective and standard. The lesson plan should include evidence-based strategies for students with disabilities, and should integrate self-determination skills. This is the final lesson plan before you will put them all together as a portfolio in Week Six.

For this lesson, you may plan for your choice of grade level, type of classroom, and disability areas. You may use your own classroom and create a fictional classroom setting for the lesson. Although the Internet is a rich source of free materials and teaching suggestions, this lesson plan and all subsequent plans MUST BE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL CREATION.

Using this lesson plan template (or all the elements included in the template), the following components are required in your vocabulary or content area lesson plan:

  1. Introductory information: Provide the lesson title, grade level, and subject area for the lesson. Describe the classroom for which you are planning the lesson, such as classroom setting, number of students, and any other pertinent information about the classroom.
  2. Students with mild/moderate disabilities in the classroom: Describe at least one learner with a mild/moderate disability who will participate in the lesson. Include the type of disability, the student’s individualized needs, and any pertinent information about the student(s).
  3. Common core state standards and lesson objective: Explain how the specific learning objective for the lesson aligns with the Common Core State Standard that the lesson plan will address.
  4. Assessment: Describe how you will assess student learning of the lesson objective based on the age/grade/ and needs documented.
  5. Accommodations or modifications to be provided: Describe the accommodations you will use throughout the lesson to address the individualized needs of each student with a disability.
  6. Teaching procedures: Describe the teaching procedures, including teacher input and modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and closure. This section must include strategies from the text and peer-reviewed articles related to effective strategies for teaching students with disabilities. You must cite your sources to demonstrate your knowledge of effective strategies.
  7. Checks for understanding: Discuss a minimum of three ways that you will check for understanding throughout the lesson to ensure students are grasping pertinent and central concepts in your lesson.
  8. Reflection/self-determination: Reflect on how the assessment will help inform you of your students’ achievement of the learning objective, as well as how it will inform your future instructional actions. Also, include what plan you will take if the students do not meet the assessment objectives. Finally, your reflection should discuss how you will promote self-determination in this lesson plan to support your students with disabilities.

This assignment should be approximately three to five pages in length (not including the title and reference pages). At least one to two peer-reviewed sources, which may include the textbook for this course, should be used and cited in the lesson plan. APA format must be used throughout the paper for in-text citations and references.

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