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Role of U. S. Agencies in Counterterrorism




Select one United States agency from the list below and explain the agency’s role in counterterrorism operations in the U. S.  Agencies to choose from include:


     National Security Agency (NSA)


     Department of the Treasury


  • Department of Homeland Security


     Department of Energy


  • Department of State

  • or Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)


This essay must be at least five pages long (excluding the tile and reference page). In the essay, explain the function of the agency as it relates to counterterrorism operations inside the United States as well as the tools available to the agency to conduct counterterrorism operations. Also, explain how your selected agency interacts with at least one other agency to perform counterterrorism operations. Briefly describe any Justice Department implications of available counterterrorism tools. Make at least one suggestion for how your selected agency could coordinate with emergency responders to minimize casualties.


 Your claims must be supported by academic/professional resources. In addition to the required textbook, you must use at least three other resources.


 The paper must be five pages in length and formatted according to APA (6th edition) style. You must use at least three scholarly resources other than the textbook to support your claims and subclaims. Cite your resource(s) in text and on the reference page


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