FBI Reports on the Columbine High School Incident Analysis

This exercise will help you learn to interpret the information that you discover while conducting risk analysis records reviews. In this exercise, you have been tasked to conduct a risk analysis portion of a threat assessment for Columbine High School in Columbine, CO. While conducting records reviews of past history, you discover an FBI report about a shooting that happened previously. Review the FBI reports on the Columbine High School incident, Part One and Part Two, and use Chapters 1–5 in your textbook to complete the following:

  • Develop a list of assets by classification for the school.
  • Identify any security events, incidents of terrorism, criminal violence, subversives, and/or petty crimes/criminals.
  • What hazards are present? Are they safety, natural, or manmade hazards?

For additional details, please refer to the Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document.

Textbook: Risk Analysis and Security Countermeasure Selection, Chapters 2 and 4

PDF: Columbine High School, Part One
PDF: Columbine High School, Part Two
The PDF documents above are FBI reports on the Columbine High School incident.

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