Financial Discussion


Question 1 – 1 Paragraph

·       Financial statements provide important information for a business decision maker. Identify and post three separate pieces of information found in financial statements and briefly explain how each element might help someone make a business decision. Give a very specific example of a business situation.


Question 2 – 2 Paragraphs

·       Money is (for obvious reasons) extremely important in our society and has been for several years. Acquiring it, however, can be easier said than done, which is why using investment opportunities can be advantageous. However, like any good thing, it is risky and the pros and cons of it must be taken into account.

·       Think of two investment opportunities and compare them to each other. Give a brief outline of what they are, how they work, and what kind of results can be expected from them. Also go over the risks associated with them and what could go wrong in your investment.

·       Make an argument for one of the two investment opportunities. Suppose you are about to make an investment of $1,000 which opportunity would give you the most for that money? Why? Give strong support for your reasoning.

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