For Kim Woods

Hey kim, 

This assignment is about HIS-108. 

The requirement is : 

Exam III has just one question:  How did America change from the late 1700s to the mid-1800s? 

Answer this question with an essay of at least four pages and at least five pictures. (My professor is the one who loves pictures! LOL)  Use 8-12 key terms or questions from the reading handouts for Chapters 9-12.  (The reading handout is down in the file below)You may also use Chapter 13 if you want to.  Start your essay with an introduction and use several short paragraphs to develop your main points.  End your essay with a short conclusion (one paragraph).  In your conclusion, note how the country we live in today was shaped by the changes that you discussed in your essay.

The exam is due on November 15. I will send you the information of the ebook account that I offered you before incase you forget:)

Thank you buddy!

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