for phyllis young only

for phyllis young only

Define the Purpose

Review the multiple purposes for creating electronic portfolios in this week’s Learning Resources. Conduct an Internet search using the keywords “electronic portfolios” or “digital portfolios” and the specific context or purpose that your portfolio will be created to demonstrate.

For this week’s Application Assignment, you will write a purpose statement for your ePortfolio. The purpose of your portfolio may be to:

• Demonstrate achievement of particular knowledge or skills
• Show growth or improvement
• Document the process of creating a product or solving a problem
• Reflect on personally significant work or experiences
• Present best work (e.g., for a job interview)

Consider your audience when writing the purpose statement and building your ePortfolio. As the developer, tailor the style and multimedia elements to appeal to the intended audience.

Here is a sample purpose statement for an ePortfolio:

The purpose of this ePortfolio is to showcase my achievements in the Bachelor of Science in Communications Program at Walden University. This ePortfolio documents my growth and improvement in the area of Communications with a specific focus on a specialized area (i.e., Marketing Communications, New Media, Online Work and Communities, Organizational Communication, Public Relations). My ePortfolio documents the process of creating a product and/or solving a problem. Written reflections illustrate my significant work and academic experiences. I intend to present this portfolio of my best work to potential employers on job interviews or to graduate admissions offices for acceptance into a graduate program.

Write a purpose statement that describes the intended structure for the electronic portfolio that you will create for your academic program. Be sure your purpose statement addresses at least two reasons for the development of the portfolio, the intended audience, and the skills/characteristics you have or intend to acquire as a result of your academic program.

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