For Yourstar Only

For Yourstar Only

Select one of the following Internet assignments and write a 1 to 1 ½ page paper (3-5 paragraphs) – APA style with a cover page and a reference page, Courier New, 12-pitch, using 1 inch margins. Be sure to include a short summary paragraph with a heading.

Internet Exercise #1 – From Chapter 12

The Balanced Scorecard Institute includes client testimonials and success stories on its website at The Institute helps a diverse range of commercial, government and nonprofit organizations develop balanced scorecard and performance management systems. It also recognizes best practices in balanced scorecard (BSC), strategic performance management and measurement, and transformation and change management. Mecklenburg County was awarded the Institute’s highest award for Excellence in 2008. To learn how, scroll down the Client Testimonials and Success Stories navigation bar in the right-hand navigation bar and click on the Mecklenburg County logo. Then, click on the Read the Case Study link in the box that pops us. Read about how this county’s customer focus positioned it for a tough economy. Write a brief paper (3 – 5 paragraphs) that summarizes this success story.

Internet Exercise #2 – From Chapter 10


Perform an Internet search using the term, flexible budgets, and locate an article (less than one year old) from the results of your search. (Make sure that you do not select an instructor’s lecture notes or a class assignment from the results of your search.) After reading the article, write a brief paper (3 – 5 paragraphs) that summarizes and comments on the article. (Your paper should provide the appropriate citation(s). If necessary, you may wish to refer to the following website, which includes information about citations:

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