Gender differences in aggression

This week you have learned about the four primary perspectives in social psychology: sociocultural, evolutionary, social learning, and social cognitive, all of which can be used to describe social interactions; however, depending on the situation, some may be a better fit than others.

Let’s consider an important issue in social psychology—aggression—specifically the gender differences in aggression. For this discussion we will assume that men are more aggressive than women.

  • Discuss how each perspective would explain this relationship.
  • Out of these four perspectives share which one you believe has the best explanatory power for explaining why there is a gender difference in aggression.
  • Discuss at least three assumptions that this perspective would make in explaining this relationship.


In your response to this week’s discussion question on aggression, please make sure to discuss each perspective in describing the relationships.  Highlight the key reasons why you chose a particular perspective and provide examples and research to support your ideas and thoughts.  Make sure to discuss at least three assumptions that the perspective will make when describing the relationship.  Please be interactive and engaged within the discussion course room.

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