GERO101 Changes in Urinary and Reproductive Health in Older People Paper

Please answer them separately

Paper 1

What potential impact do changes in urinary and reproductive health have on older people’s lives? What interventions (list 3 and be sure to reference them with peer-reviewed professional publications) would you suggest, as a professional, to lessen the potential impact for older adults?

Paper 2

  • Define what is meant by “caregiving” and discuss the cost of caregiving to the caregiver, the workplace, and society at large. Why is caregiver burden a gender issue? What are some ways to relieve caregiver burden?
  • Describe the long-term care continuum (i.e. care and housing options for seniors). What are the factors that determine the most appropriate type of care an individual needs?
  • What is grief? What is bereavement? How might an older person experience grief differently from younger people?

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