2.4.5 ProjectAdvertisement Campaign
Media Literacy (S2318458)
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Design your own multimedia advertisement or advertisements as well as an implementation plan for an ad campaign. How will your ad or ads reach consumers? What is the bigger picture — the campaign — that they are a part of? 

Your assignment, when completed, should include an actual multimedia advertisement (or detailed instructions for the advertisement), as well as a clearly written and detailed implementation plan of at least one page. 

Remember, if an advertisement appears in multimedia form, it should incorporate two or more forms of media. Remember, too, that you can use the power of the visual when creating your implementation plan. Are there graphs or graphics that will help you present your ideas in a persuasive way? 

As you develop your implementation plan, imagine you are going to present your campaign ideas to the company whose product you want to advertise. How would you make sure everyone understood your plan? What materials might you use to help explain your plan to a group of people? 

Bonus idea: Consider how you might use video or audio, if available, to record your implementation plan.


Make sure to consider the following:
  • What will you advertise? 
    You can choose to advertise a real product that already exists or a product you can imagine existing — just be sure to make your choice clear. What is the unique selling point of your product? Is there a brand identity associated with it? Is it a day-to-day good or a luxury item? Is it something people are likely to feel that they need urgently? 
    If you completed the practice earlier in the unit, you may want to build on the ad you made there.
  • What is the overall strategy for advertising the product? Who is your target group of consumers? Though your product may be used by a wide range of people, your advertising campaign should be focused on selling the product to a specific group. Who is in that group, and what do the members have in common?
  • What form will your advertisement or advertisements take? 
    Since you are creating a multimedia advertisement, you should use two or more forms of media. How will those forms of media work together within a single ad? How might they help to connect a particular ad to other ads in the same campaign?
Before you begin, you might want to review the study sheet for this and previous lessons, as well as conduct some advertising research of your own. 

Think seriously about your target group. How can you find more information about the people in it? Make observations and look at any available data. Consider conducting surveys to harvest data of your own. 

Review the notes you have taken about the most effective and least effective ads you see. Remind yourself what you find compelling, boring, or innovative about them. 

As you begin to draft your advertisement, ask yourself:

  • Am I actively engaging consumers?
  • Am I using a combination of strategies to reach my target group?
  • Am I taking advantage of people’s expectations of different kinds of media? Do I want to be in harmony with these expectations or strategically disrupt them?
Consult the project guide for more ideas about getting started.

Read each question and evaluate your work. If the answer to the question is yes, check the box to the left. If the answer is no, go back and revise your work. Your teacher will use these same guiding questions to score your advertisement.

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