hifsa shaukat

hifsa shaukat


first draft with at least 500 words +


Writing Task:


Compose an essay that argues for a particular point of view about waste and space. To persuade your reader, present sensory images to convey the experience of that space/place. You might consider visiting a space or place where trash is handled, used, or processed, comparing two spaces or places, or examining how a space has changed over time in relation to trash (for example, in Chap. 2 of Garbology, Humes gives vivid descriptions of where and how trash was handled in late 19th Century New York City). Your essay might be evaluative; that is, discuss whether one space is better in some way or for some purpose than another. You might describe how a particular space or place has been affected by waste, or you might discover trash-related problems related to a particular space or place, and seek to inform others about potential hazards. Perhaps somewhere near your home was, or is, a toxic waste dump? What should be done about such a place?

Your topic could be about be something “close to home” that you can relate to; or, it may be that your research work illuminates a more far-flung issue; for instance, your concerns about pollution of a nearby forest or lake might help you understand what is lost when forests or other natural spaces are polluted in another part of the world. Do feel free to discuss your ideas about topics/spaces/places with your instructor or SI Leader.

This topic could relate to your group’s Project Web, although you must write a different paper for this than for Project Web, and each group member must write a different Project Space paper. You group could decide to go together to visit a garbage-related space to get ideas, however.


Use at least 3 credible outside sources to present background information about the place or space, to support your ideas, and persuade your readers. Don’t just guess or speculate when you have access to facts.

The essay should be approximately 1200 words. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman or similar font, one inch margins, 12 point type. Proofread carefully and spell check, please. Place all materials in a pocket folder, including Revised Draft, initialed First Drafts, and all Exercises and in-class journals.

Some possible general topics/places/spaces to Research and/or Explore Garbage!


Local garbage dumps
Grocery stores & markets
Fast food restaurants
Los Angeles Waste Management Corporation Local agriculture and environmental pollution Oil Spills
Beaches & Trash
Water Treatment facilities
Nuclear Waste Dumps and Desert Communities

Superfund Sites in Southern California Urban Industrial Pollution
Human waste and clean water
Urban Foraging / Freeganism

Trash bins and recycling bins at CSUN.
how do places waste water? Deforestation / desertification – wasting forests and grasslands. 

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