History of america 1813

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History of america 1813

Please discuss the follwoing passage and describe its historical significance (what does it teach us about the past?) and place it in the larger historical context (what larger historical event/movement is it part of ?).  As a rough guide, your answer should be somewhere in the 200-300 word range. The question is worth 5 points.


Mercy Ottis Warren, Observations on the New Constitution, 1788

“Animated with the firmest zeal for the interest of this country, the peace and union of the American States, and the freedom and happiness of a people who have made the most costly sacrifices in the cause of liberty, – who have braved the power of Britain, weathered the convulsions of war, and waded through the blood of friends and foes to establish their independence and to support the freedom of the human mind . .  obliges every one to remonstrate against the strides of ambition and a wanton lust of domination, and to resist the first approaches of tyranny, which at this day threaten to sweep away the rights for which the brave sons of America have fought . . .   These are the men who tell us republicanism is dwindled into theory – that we are incapable of enjoying our liberties – and that we must have a master . . .[The] Constitution, which by the undefined meaning of some parts, and the ambiguities of expression in others in dangerously adapted to the purposes of an immediate aristocratic tyranny; that from the difficulty, if not impracticability of its operation, must soon terminate in the most uncontroled despotism . . .”

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