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Evidence based practice are the base standards in which we base all our nursing practices on. They are methods, experiments, hypothesis that have been tried and true, and proven to be the most effective in standard nursing care. In nursing, critical thinking has been defined as the ability to use in professional actions the highest cognitive abilities, such as to analyze, to question, to evaluate, to conceptualize, comprehending individual and collective health problems in a more precise, logical and appropriate way. These skills directly implicate the achievement of adequate outcomes through effective clinical judgment and clinical decision-making (Costa et. al, 2019). This is important to healthcare and nursing in general because, daily we are made to think about and make decisions regarding healthcare and being responsible for other people’s lives. In doing so, we can’t just make decisions. We need to sit down and critically think about all that we are doing and how our decisions could be affecting the patients’ outcome. When we use evidence-based practice as well, we’re taking something that has been tried and proven to be effective to better take care of our patients. Using evidence-based practice and critical thinking in taking care of our patients sets the standards for what they are needing, and what we should all be trying to exceed in doing.
Evidence-based Practice is defined as “an integration of the evidence available, nursing expertise, and the values and preferences of the individuals, families and communities who are served.” Other Organizations defines EBP as “a continuous interactive process involving the precise, careful, thorough and judicious consideration of the best available evidence to provide care. “ Evidence-based practice supports nursing care and can contribute positively to patients and family outcomes. EBP Supports nursing care that can be “individualized to patient and their families, is more effective, streamlined, dynamic and maximizes effects of clinical judgement. All in all, these definitions are quite evident in that the focus is primarily on the best ways to find and apply research evidence. Hence, the need for EBP will always remain a constant driving force in nursing and healthcare as a whole.

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