How to prove myself to SACM?

Quadrant I- problems& goals:
1-goals: short term:
Getting the permeation to apply for the OPT program.
Long term:
Getting one year of job experience in united states.
a-Limited time to search for job
b-Financial problems
c- Family
d-SACM permeations
e-Company adopting
4-What if no deal? Worst case? In worst case, I won’t lose anything. But I least I know that I’ve tried at once.
I signed to attend the International Students Business Career Services Workshop provided by immigration office.
I gather information of the date I have to apply for the OPT.
I’m saving money to pay the fee by time.
Searching for most company that I have more chances there than others.
I’m preparing Plan B for any case.
Quadrant II-Situation Analysis
Conflicted with my contract starting day and my request to delayed it one more year. Rationally I need to get some experience because my farther goal to be eligible to practice my master degree. With no experience my work won’t pay me on my educational level, until I got some expirees add to my resume. Especially, practicing in foreign country as united states would be valuable to my resume. If my SACM refusing my request because of the contract, we have to start right over I graduate. I have a plan to convince them to trade my location from Saudi Arabia to Washington DC, and working with them. Emotionally, I want to prefer myself for business work environment at U.S, because I have a big responsibility and pressure coming from U.S. with master degree.
picture in the head of each parties; the picture in my head is me having a job in US, and being an independent. I see myself being responsible about everything wither winning or losing.
I can imagine the picture in my family head, the can’t let me go and face the world by myself. The don’t trust the world, and they don’t trust on people behave the one I might face. They won’t let me go, because they want to be by my side always and near me if something happened. Emotionally, they always see me as their child, even if I’m a growing woman. The can’t let me stays alone, they can’t stand the blaming if something would have happened.
Culture: facing the culture it’s hard and my parents may refuse my request because that mean they would be against the cultural rolls. They would be mixed emotions between anger and fear.
8-communication: I would talk to my parents one by one, then talked to them tighter that would be easier than face them both at the same time. SACM and Immigration department, I would communicate with them through emails.
9- Standards: job standard getting experience to performance well in career life. Life standard of being independent in all life terms not only in school.
10- Reexamine goals: going through quadrants I&II. I see my initial goal is realistic. After addressing the issues that I would face. That helped me to search for solutions and then prioritize everything.
Quadrant III-Options/Risk Reeducation
11- Brainstorm: I would agree to work at SACM at their head office at Washington DC, instead of working at other companies.
12-Incremental: to reducing risk, I have to collect all information. I make a financial plan to save money if I didn’t get a job in the first three months. Immigration, I would avoid the risk and leafing the state until I guaranteed that my SEIVES number is active.
13- Third parties: Family, SACM, International immigration office.
14-Framing: How to prove myself to SACM? Am I capable to depend on myself financially?
What is my plan if I stay? What my plan if I didn’t find a job? How this experience would beneficial to my career? How to pass companies interviews?
15- Alternatives: if necessary, I would work at SACM in Washington. I would ask my brother to stay with me at the same house if my parents insist.
Quadrant IV- Actions
16- Best options: getting SACM agreement to delay my job starting date in Saudi Arabia. Getting the OPT card on time. Finding a job in same filed. My family allowing me to stay in US.
17- Who presents: I would talk to my parents face to face and one by one. SACM and Immigrations by emails and maybe phone calls.
18-Process: file for OPT by February, got the OPT card by May. Present to my parents at my graduation day. If I got my family approval, I would email SACM and search for jobs.
19- Commitments: how long I’ve been thinking about this plan? Can I get any decision sooner?
20- Next steps: search and make list of job opportunities. Study all my chances and prepare them to convince my family with evidence for butter chances over in US.
In this exercise we have four quadrants and each quadrant has five questions. These questions prepare us to do well in any negations, especially the big and serious ones. It helps us to face any conditions that we may face. It helps us to answer all questions that we may be asked. It covered all area that may questioner in. it also helped me to get prepare for my coming negotiating and practice myself to answer any coming questions. I wasn’t preparing myself before negotiating very well, not because of over confident but because lack of knowledge. the first quadrant I’m familiar with most of the questions, but when I reached the second quadrant it choked that I had to think more than twice to answer them. It’s really helps me to know who I’m facing and how to plan to talk and convince.
I was using the first quadrant problems and goals and the second quadrant Situation Analysis
but not using the third quadrant in something I’m asking to get from my parents. I didn’t used all four quadrants because I thought it won’t work in small cases. After thinking a while why not using all of four quadrants. I prepare myself butter for the second negotiation. Then, I went to my parents talked to them, shows them how I really wants to get the thing. I have answers to all of their questions. I was surprised how they agree to give me what I’m asking, the four quadrants are really works and important key to achieve anyone goals

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